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Single tracks are $10 each

Save 30% on the full package of 5 tracks ~ $35

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  • Listen to tracks and jot down the track numbers you are considering.
  • Track numbers include the Jingle Name-Track Number-Length
  • After purchasing, you may download all the tracks immediately.
  • You will also receive individual emails for links to single tracks purchased…or
  • The Full jingle package containing all tracks is delivered in a single zipped file.
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These custom, instrumental-only tracks were originally created for broadcast stations with production budgets costing thousands. Now, they are priced for even the smallest Internet radio station or Web media project…. but still with a very expensive sound.

Buy a single track from any package, or purchase the complete jingle package with all of the available lengths shown for one low price… certainly worth it if you were planning on buying more than a couple of tracks.

These Internet Radio Jingles may be used non-exclusively for imaging your Internet radio station, podcast, audio/video features like YouTube or Vimeo or other special shows on the Web.

They may not be used outside of the Internet environment. Please use our Contact form if you have questions about our jingles or the license requirements other than the Internet.

Check out our Podcast Music Themes and use them as soundtracks for your Internet audio and video projects too