K Series

49 Tracks Included

Internet Use Only ~ $99.95

Broadcast Station License ~ $429.95

(Internet use is non-exclusive- Terrestrial Broadcast Use is exclusive by market (DMA) CHECK AVAILABILITY HERE

Wide variety of lengths and styles on the same theme. Sophisticated, mature, jazzy, hot. Adult appeal with contemporary flavors.A huge variety of tempos and moods.

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To purchase a license for Broadcast Use – Please contact us to confirm availability.

Exclusive per DMA market – see limited details in the Broadcast License Availability tab below.


  • Track numbers include the Track Name-Length
  • After purchasing, you may download the tracks immediately
  • The Full jingle package containing all tracks will be delivered in a single zipped file.
  • Consider ordering a backup CD for only $9.95 including FREE shipping worldwide.
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These custom, instrumental-only tracks were originally created for broadcast stations with production budgets costing thousands. Now, they are priced for even the smallest Internet radio station or Web media project…. but still with a very expensive sound.

These News-Talk Themes may be used non-exclusively for imaging your Internet radio station, podcast, audio/video features including YouTube or Vimeo or other special shows on the Web.

They may not be used outside of the Internet environment without a Broadcast License.

Check out our Podcast Music Themes and use them as soundtracks for your Internet audio and video projects too.

Broadcast License Availability

The K Series is available for a market-exclusive license on terrestrial broadcast stations for $429.95 for the complete package regardless of market size or ranking. The license is for a term of (7) seven years, with renewals beginning in year 8 at a rate of just 20% ($105) annually for each additional year.  Or, choose a “buyout” license option with no further required renewals for an additional 20% upfront for a total of $515.94.

Please CONTACT us for a price quote and to confirm availability for your market.

Use on the Internet is non-exclusive and not considered an infringement upon exclusive broadcast licensees’ territory (DMA).

The K Series News-Talk Theme is not available for broadcast licensing in the following markets:

  • Portland, Oregon DMA 500
  • Bend, Oregon
  • Columbia-Jefferson City MO DMA 604
  • Fayetteville, AR DMA 670
  • Grand Junction, CO  DMA 773
  • Seattle, WA DMA 819

Because availability can change quickly, please use this CONTACT FORM to confirm availability for your market(s).